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Welcome to Adorkables!

Adorkables is a casual, Zentia clan located on the Tortoise server. We are here to have fun, help each other and generally just have a good time. We understand that many players have full time jobs and families, and can't dedicate tons of hours to play. And, that's cool! We're here to lend a hand when you do have time.

I'm not a stickler for rules, so there are only two really important ones for Adorkables:

1. Have fun!
2. Don't be a jerk.

As long as you abide by those two rules, you're golden!

If you are interested in joining, you can always contact me (Fuddle) or my co-leader (Matilda) in-game. You can also apply here with your IGN and one of us can invite you next time we're online. Or, you can just apply through the guild/clan NPC located in the major cities. Whatever's easiest!
Guild News

Swinging through the trees as it were.

Jake Valajeski, Sep 25, 10 6:32 PM.
My weekend attendance will be spotty at best as many family obligations have arisen. I will try to peek in at least once or twice just to make sure you're all being sweet and innocent. >_<

Guild Bank acess changed.

Jake Valajeski, Sep 22, 10 6:40 PM.
At least for the moment only Butler or higher ranked members will have acess to withdraw from the Gbank. Everyone can still deposit anything they'd like to add to help the everyone out, but you'll need to ask a Butler or up to pull anything out for you. This may be temporary, we will have to see.

This just in! Head Bananna is actually a Monkey!

Jake Valajeski, Sep 10, 10 9:05 AM.
Whelp it's official, Fuddle is now the Guild leader of our motley and wonderful band of "dorks". We're going to keep going on as we have been and continue to work together to refine some processes that encourage various crafting type work amongst those of us that are into that aspect of Zentai and also benefit the rest of us in some shape and or fashion. We will continue Adorkables in the manner in which it was conceived, so we'll just get better as we iron this out!

Today is my birthday, so I'll be on for most of the day but in and out for most of the weekend. Feel free to send me in-game email or forum pm/email if I'm not on and you have a question for me, as always Matild' is here with her army of alts to help us out as well. I'm looking forward to our adventures together! Be excellent to each other and we'll do just fine!

Jake Valajeski aka Fuddle

Amareyn Leaving Zentia. Guild Leadership Switching

adorkable_amareyn, Sep 8, 10 10:17 AM.
I'm sorry to announce that I will be leaving the fun and quirky world of Zentia. There are a couple of factors involved in this:

First, I just don't see the friendly and polite side of Zentia surviving over the long haul as the game pulls players from ChangYou's other PK-centered games. I've already seen some evidence of this in the PK thread over at the official Zentia forums. The aggression and flaming became so bad that Kate ended up having close it.

I have no desire to spend my time in game looking over my shoulder for PKers. I come to Zentia to relax and have fun. In my opinion, PK (which is different from organized PvP, such as War of Camps) brings a shade of ugliness to an otherwise brilliant world that I can't ignore. It dampens my desire to play to the point where I don't even want to log in.

Secondly, I simply don't have time to run the guild the way that I should. I have far too much work to do during the day. So, I don't have time to log in and play with you all the way I should. I spend most of my time in-game AFK while I work, alt+tabbing back and forth to just chat now and then.When night rolls around, I want to spend time with my family. I don't want to be online when I could be enjoying playing with my kid.

Thus, I feel that the guild would be better served by having a guild leader who has the time to play with you on a more regular basis. I have sent PMs to those of you that I can asking for opinions about who you would like to take the mantle of leadership. If you haven't gotten a PM from me, please contact me either here or at the Zentia forums and let me know your thoughts. I do have a candidate in mind, but I want to make sure that everyone else is kind of on the same page as me before I ask if this person would like to take over. (By the way, Matilda has already said that she does not wish to be guild leader.)

Thank you all for being understanding and I hope that everyone continues to have fun in Zentia,

We Have a Guild!

adorkable_amareyn, Sep 1, 10 4:56 PM.
Thanks to all the hard work put in by the clan, we are now officially a guild! Congratulations, everyone! There's no way this could've happened without all the donations and time that everyone put in.

Thank you, all! You are all made of awesomeonium!
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